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Bloody Buron - Normandy - 08 July 1944 by Captain J. Allan Snowie


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
A great book and a lucky find for me. I recently found it in a used book shop and to my delight discovered that the end-plate photo of the officers of the H.L.I. of C. had been autographed by no fewer than five surviving veterans in 1996. I know the date is correct because also tucked into the back of the book was a menu for the Warrant Officer's & Sergeant's mess for their reunion of 1996.
The author, Capt. Snowie is a post-ww2 soldier an thus was not directly involved in what he writes about.
The book is a collection of veterans' recollections and quotes from the H.L.I. of C.'s War Diary. As such it is exciting and informative as well as distressing. It is focused on the unit and the action specifically at Buron and pays little attention to Operation Charnwood overall. It is full of the regimental photos typically seen here and there scattered across the internet.
My only disappointment was with the map on page 62 purportedly showing German dispositions which is in direct conflict with the official map produced by British intel from Canadian aerial recon. The 'less accurate' hand drawn map was created from conversations with French civilians and has been used by at least one scenario designer. It is unfortunate that Snowie does not include the British intel map which is available from the War Diary of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders (the Glens) nor does he include any of the great aerial recon photos.
In any event, I have no regrets having purchased this book. It being out of print, I paid a premium for it, but was happy to get it.