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Commands and colors Ancients...


FGM Private
May 13, 2020
The Commands & Colors board game series is an excellent card driven system. Light in rules yet deep in re/play.

Get the board game and not the app as it didn't translate well (aka no AI/buggy cards). The app was farmed out to a third-party with little involvement from the designer and it shows. It's pretty to look at but offers no challenging single player experience.

Your better off loading the Vassal module and joining the many online and PBEM ladders. I usually play a couple of times a week online and there are quite a few willing to teach, myself included.

Check out boardgamegeek.com or commandsandcolors.net for more info.

It isn't FOGII which is an excellent example of a miniatures rule designer remaing actively involved in development.

C&C is a board game emphasizing command friction. Check out youtube for reviews/howtos to see if it's something you'd like. The Harsh Rules channel has a few well made videos explaining the rules on different titles in the system (Samurai, Napoleoninc, etc.).

Again, stay away from the app as it isn't representative of the play.