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End of a Legend, Salute


FGM Captain
Apr 16, 2013
Blue Point NY
There was a nice write up here in the obituary section of our local paper.


LONDON — Tom Moore, the redoubtable 100-year-old Army veteran whose charity walks raised $45 million for British hospitals and made him a national symbol of pluck in a country ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, died on Tuesday.
His death was announced on his Twitter account.
Mr. Moore had been treated for pneumonia in recent weeks and tested positive for the coronavirus last month, his daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said on Twitter on Jan. 31. He was taken to a hospital because he needed help breathing, she said, and his condition then deteriorated.
Dapper, spry and droll, Mr. Moore ambled his way into the hearts of people across Britain 82 steps at a time — the number it took to cover the length of a brick patio beside his garden in Marston Moretaine, a village an hour north of London. He did 100 laps before turning 100 last April.
Mr. Moore’s feat, which grew out of a challenge from his son-in-law, became a media sensation when Ms. Ingram-Moore publicized her father’s walks and began an online fund-raising campaign for the National Health Service. With donors that included Prince William, who called him a “one-man fund-raising machine,” Mr. Moore quickly raised 32.8 million pounds, or $45 million.
In the process, Mr. Moore became a pop-culture phenomenon. His walks were broadcast by the BBC, CNN, NBC and Al Jazeera, and his face became a staple on the front page of British tabloids. Those newspapers nicknamed him Captain Tom, his military rank until he was made an honorary colonel by the Army Foundation College.

God rest his soul.