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Field of Glory 2 public tournament: “Rome against the World”

Starts 26-April-2021. Register to join here --> FOG2 Rome against the World

This tournament will involve five rounds. Each round will last 14 days. The battles will be Medium-sized custom battles:
  1. Africa 202 BC: Roman 209-200 BC vs Carthaginian (Hannibal in Africa) 202 BC. Mediterranean Agricultural.
  2. Asia Minor 89 BC: Roman 105-25 BC with Bithynian 297-74 BC allies vs Pontic 110-85 BC with Armenian 331 BC – 252 AD allies. Mediterranean Hilly.
  3. Dacia 105 AD: Roman 24 BC – 196 AD vs Dacian 89-106 AD with Sarmatian 25-375 AD allies. Northern Europe Wooded.
  4. Mesopotamia 363 AD: Roman 313-378 AD vs Sassanid Persian 350-476 AD. Middle-Eastern Agricultural.
  5. Gaul 451 AD: Roman 425-492 AD with Alan 25-650 AD allies vs Hunnic (Western) 367-451 AD with Germanic Foot Tribes 260-599 AD allies. Northern Europe Agricultural.