FOG Medieval: King Of Jerusalem (on hold until further notice)

I have the urge to get this going ... we can play the first round or two using appropriate FOG Medieval Reconquista DLC armies... and then switch over to the Swords & Scimitars Crusades DLC when it comes out September 23rd.

I'll need THREE players keen to join me in kicking off the tourney by filling the two bottom tier battles.

We'll get randomly drawn as Crusader or Saracen players and also get assigned an avatar - I just inserted myself as a placeholder. Winners move up to the middle tier to compete for the throne. (see rules at bottom of post)

Losers can then re-join the challengers to fill out the bottom tier (or join the challenger list to wait for the next slot) for another attempt at clawing their way up.
Eventually, the tourney will have EIGHT active slots for players in every round.


I was thinking for the first battle:

Italo-Normans (1041-1049) vs Arabs (North Africa) (1038-1160) with Tuareg allies
Map: Mediterranean Agricultural or Mountainous.
Battle size: Medium

King of Jerusalem 001 sample.jpg

This basically the FOG Medieval version of my CM King of The Hill competition.

Like the CM version of this, players fight KO battles to claw their way up to the throne to be either King or Sultan of Jerusalem and control the Holy Land during the age of the Crusades.

When players join, they get drawn as either Crusader or Saracen players at the bottom rung and fight their way up... and keep playing that side in the battles until they are knocked out and then re-join at the bottom, and then get randomly drawn again as Crusader or Saracen players.

Each round, all battles use the same settings and army lists for that round - if two players of the same side advance and meet in the second tier or the throne challenge battle, then they fight a "civil war" battle with identical opposing army lists.
( I assume we will slowly work our way chronologically through the time period from the 1st Crusade onwards...)

Any level victory allows the winner to advance.
Would like to keep to a strict two week per round time limit -- it's working pretty close to that in the Empire Builders campaign.

Players that get knocked out can re-join the challengers list and start again at the bottom.... while the reigning king/sultan keeps the luxurious satin throne upholstery warm so long...

We will keep a running tab of scores:
1 point per bottom and middle tier victory
2 points for a successful throne capture
3 points per successful throne defence

@Wellsonian @mTk @Badger73 @chiquichops @Nathangun @HOA_KSOP @Mad Mike @Josey Wales @Alpha Zwo
I'm not sure if I really want to get involved in this atm.
However, if no one else signs up by this time tomorrow I'll throw the ol' hat in the ring and take one for the team.
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