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FOG Medieval: King of Jerusalem Tourney

Working on preparing two things for when the FOG Medieval: Swords & Scimitars DLC is released 23rd September.

One is a more detailed Crusades campaign and also this small, fun, quick-playing "King of the Hill"-style tourney: King Of Jerusalem.

King of Jerusalem2 sample.jpg

Like the CM version of this, players fight KO battles to claw their way up to the throne to be either King or Sultan of Jerusalem and control the Holy Land during the age of the Crusades.

When players join, they get drawn as either Crusader or Saracen players at the bottom rung and fight their way up... and keep playing that side in the battles until they are knocked out and then re-join at the bottom, and then get randomly drawn again as Crusader or Saracen players.

Each round, all battles use the same settings and army lists for that round - if two players of the same side advance and meet in the second tier or the throne challenge battle, then they fight a "civil war" battle with identical opposing army lists.
( I assume we will slowly work our way chronologically through the time period from the 1st Crusade onwards...)

Any level victory allows the winner to advance.
Would like to keep to a strict two week per round time limit -- it's working pretty close to that in the Empire Builders campaign.

Players that get knocked out can re-join the challengers list and start again at the bottom.... while the reigning king/sultan keeps the luxurious satin throne upholstery warm so long...

We will keep a running tab of scores:
1 point per bottom and middle tier victory
2 points for a successful throne capture
3 points per successful throne defence

More details as we get closer to the release of Swords & Scimitars and we know what armies will be available ... guess start would be end of September.
@Rico - What's the max number of players for this?
Count me in unless it prevents someone else from playing.
No limit actually - there’s 8 active players at a time - any extra players slot into the challengers waiting list and join in when slots open each round in the bottom tier.
Works same way as the King of the Hill CM tourney.

So... the more the merrier.
My only concern is that this type of tournament, based on one similar in the recent past, ground to a stop due to slow play.
That almost caused a Rico Revolt.
Anything going on with this one that would make it different?
Strictly,enforced two week(ish) limit on battles. (Seems to be working very well with Empire Builders)

Will set it out detailed rules before we start.

Sluggish players get eliminated and opponent gets a bye up to the next tier.

We have over a month still until the DLC gets released.... so plenty time of time to figure things out.
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So, my fevered brain had more ideas.... and I quickly built a FOG Medieval Crusades version of the Fall of the 3rd Reich tourney concept as a possible alternative to the King of Jerusalem idea above.

This could either work as a 5 player tourney ... or 10 players in 5 two-player teams.

Crusades Tourney sample.jpg

Five tracks to fight down to finally capture Jerusalem.
Two Crusader and three Muslim.

Rules basically very similar to Fall of 3rd Reich.

Each round, players fights an attacking battle to gain another step towards the Holy City. (first player to reach it wins)

Also, each round -- players are assigned/drawn to fight as a defender trying to stymy one of their competitor's advance and slow them down.
So players will have chance to play as both Crusaders and Muslims in the various FOG battles)

All battles are played with same parameters each round. (lot will depend on the army lists once Swords & Scimitars is released)

A clear victory capture a square and advance to the next one.

A defeat or battle timing out will mean the square will need to be fought over again.

Still mulling over if there should be "Counter-attack" battle option like in Fot3R.