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Force Selection, setup, and Turn 2

As I suspected, Badger has setup well back, most likely to use the hill deep in his zone. He also bought heavy Artillery, which in FOGII is immobile, but in FOGII: medieval can be moved. So, I believe he is committed to the defense. I had hoped he would setup in a more offensive posture, so I could use the small hills in the middle of the board.
I went with a heavy Legion force, with the max amount of Veteran Legionnaires. I brought enough Cav (and an Elephant) to hopefully hold off his superior Cav force long enough to get into contact with my Legionnaires. Given his setup, I will advance the main attacking force (my left flank) while holding back my medium right flank force for the time being. This looks like it will be a reaction game, so my Cav and Elephant will remain in reserve near the center. I hope to mount an echelon left type of attack.

FOGII Turn 2.jpg