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hi gents wondering if anyone has Ghost Recon Wildlands and if so who would be up for some multiplayer this weekend.

I'm uk based so would be Euro time zone afternoon or evening.


Game can be played anyway you want. You can go in guns blazing or go in all stealthy.

Game is best played in coop
Having caught the FPS bug while playing Far Cry 2 recently, I was on Steam today and was simply in awe of the graphics when I saw this. So far barely scratched content in first mission, but it does look amazing!
Anyway, had to have. Good luck if you can resist.
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I've managed to put a few hours into this now and am very impressed indeed. Graphics remain spell binding. Game takes place in the mountains of Bolivia. While driving I have found myself stopping on the side of the road to "smell the roses" if you will, and look at the landscape stretching for miles from the cliff I'm looking out over. Want more views? You can fly a helicopter and that view is just freaking amazing!

There are a lot of hot keys to learn as you have to learn walking, weapons, skills, driving, combat, helicopters and probably other stuff I don't recall. This could have been made easier as when DL'ing the game from Steam you don't get the manual (although there is a hotkey explanation in the options menu). LOL. Seriously? I am getting much more comfortable with the UI having spent about 6-7 hrs at it now. I did go on line for help and its all starting to make a bit more sense.

I love the weapons. I only have a couple available to start, but I have managed to get a crappy sniper rifle which is much more useful than the MP-5 I'd had to make do with for a while. A lot quieter. Sniper rifle mandatory since the combat is all about stealth. How many bad guys can you take out before the alarm goes off and the shite really hits the fan? It will usually determine whether the mission is a success or you are dead.

Fortunately for me playing at <dimwit> difficulty level is enough to allow me to play the game (and still be challenged). I just love these games, but am seriously <click> challenged so usually shy away from the genre. As I understand it doesn't actually dumb down the game a bit. It merely allows the player not to be spotted quite so easily as the higher levels. That's a nice way of handling difficulty levels rather than just employing cheats.

So, off to take out that guard in the watch tower before he spots my squad. Wish me luck.
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Yeah I must say, this game was much better than I expected. Big fan of the old GR games. I bagged it for only $20 bucks from a Steam sale awhile back, worth every penny! The graphics are amazing and ran butter smooth on my mid-range PC. Taking down the Santa Blanca drug cartel was an absolute blast. I clocked in about 90 hrs to fully complete the game, it's a huge world with lots of bosses and under-bosses to take out.

Spent a few hrs playing mp but it just didnt feel right to me (too much 3rd person and not enough first person). Besides I got Rainbow Six Siege, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, PUBG, and Squad for my online competitive gaming fix.

GR Wildlands is a good fit for fans of the excellent Narcos series on Netflix. Or the Sicario movie and now the new sequel.

Opening intro of El Sueno!
I have it but found it ridiculously hard... will have to restart it perhaps.

Really? It got very easy once I maxed out the rebel perks (recon scan, reinforcements, mortars, choppers, etc.). For beginner tip, you want the grenade launcher ASAP to take out the choppers. Also Unidad can be a real bitch, try not to allow them to call in reinforcements, lots of choppers show up. But once you start unlocking those upgrades, you start to feel unstoppable. I got high up in Tier one mode, the lower difficulty lvls are locked, was playing on extreme mode but even I had to turn it off and play at normal difficulty sometimes.

I was able to complete the Sam Fisher (from Splinter Cell series) mission which was tough to do. Took me several tries.

Also never was able to defeat the Predator mission. Tried several times but felt like no matter how much damage I did to it, just never died. Think this was meant for coop, too hard for sp. I still got it installed if somebody wants to team up and take down the mighty Predator!



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Trick to beating the Predator is to find a piece of cover/terrain you can quickly use to break the Predators line of fire when it begins to target you and just stick to it.
If you are playing solo just ignore your AI teammates, trying to revive them will get you killed.
And yeah, the Pred is a huge bullet sponge.
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