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GSP: The Way of the Fight by George St. Pierre


FGM Colour Sergeant
Mar 14, 2021
Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
GSP: The Way of the Fight by George St. Pierre, 225 pages, published by Harper Collins Publisher 2013 (Biography, Mixed Martial Arts)

The Way of the Fight
is an inspirational look into the mindset of a world champion & mixed martial arts master. For GSP, all life is competition, and there’s no more perfect metaphor for competition than the life of a MMA fighter.

With true humility and genuine honesty & sincerity, he explains the value of discipline, risk and even fear, with the wisdom of one who knows that nothing is assured—and that his next fight could always be his last. As GSP has commented, ... while you may play at golf, or basketball or football, you don’t play at professional fighting.

Drawing inspiration from fighting legends, Eastern philosophy and a trusted inner circle, The Way of the Fight is a powerful, life-changing guide that both takes you into and far outside the octagon where he makes his living, to show how one can live a life with purpose and finding the way to accomplish your loftiest goals.

From the book - “As Aristotle wrote a long, long time ago, and I'm paraphrasing here, the goal is to avoid mediocrity by being prepared to try something and either failing miserably or triumphing grandly. Mediocrity is not about failing, and it's the opposite of doing. Mediocrity, in other words, is about not trying. The reason is achingly simple, and I know you've heard it a thousand times before: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”

While I’m no way an MMA devotee, or even a fan for that matter, one doesn’t need to be one to both enjoy and gain something insightful to take away from this book. This is not your traditional autobiography, as at its essence, it is an invaluable read for anyone who wishes to achieve something in life, written by someone who has.

Admittedly biased in that GSP is something of a local hometown figure who I have admired from afar for his intelligence, humility, dedication & of course accomplishments , I heartily recommend adding this very well written book to you summer reading list. This book I'm sure will surprise you.

Rating 8.5 out of 10