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FGM Brigadier
Fernando and Josefina chose April 29, 2022 to get married in the parish of Santa Cruz, Tlaxcala, in Mexico, for a reason: it was the day that Hitler and his partner, Eva Braun, got married 77 years ago, a day before committing suicide.


As if that were not enough, the theme of the wedding was Nazi: Josefina arrived at the church in a Volkswagen Sedan vehicle in which Fernando decorated with swastikas, while he wore an SS uniform.


The couple have two children: a boy named Reinhard after Reinhard Heydrich, and a girl named Hanna Gertrud, after Hanna Reitsch, the famous german pilot, as well as Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, who was president of the National League of National Socialist Women.

That's mental, is this how they'll bring up their (adopted more likely) kids?.
Oh Im not offended personally... I just think its a stupid thing to do. Its like sending your kid to school dressed as Myra Hindley.
I did not know who Ms. Hindley was. So, naturally, I googled her. Now I wish I hadn’t. Not a pleasant start to my Sunday morning coffee. I must plot my revenge. Who can I dupe Bootie into googling so he will be disturbed? :unsure:
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