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Return to Magna Graecia - Turn 4

Ok, ready to kick off TURN 4 of this campaign.

I am assuming that control of the fate of the Roman Republic reverts back to Consul @chiquichops for his second term.

We are in the PLANNING PHASE, with Pyrrhus gaining control of regional capital Syracuse at the end of the pervious turn.

Pyrrhus has TWO Momentum points, so gets TWO Bonus Momentum Diplomacy Operations -- @kronenblatt , let me know what you want to do.

I will do the new Generals'Traits rolls this evening some time as well.

Phyrrus campaign Turn 4 planning.jpg
Welcome to another year with (and against!) Pyrrhus the Conqueror of Syracuse (but yet sadly unproven in battle...)! @chiquichops : what did you promise the Roman people and senate in order to get elected again? ;)
I promised them I wouldn't make a total shitshow of it like my last time. They swallowed it.
A bit of pannem et circenses helped too.
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Pyrrhus plays Bonus Diplomacy Action on Bovianum.

(Modifiers: Momentum +2, Samnite City +2) Die roll: 10 + 4 = 14 -- Bovianum shifts to NEUTRAL.


This concludes the Bonus Diplomacy phase.

@chiquichops @kronenblatt

Both sides please DM me your Operation selections, your army sizes & deployments and commander assignments.

Pyrrhus has 17 talents to spend

Rome has 19

Carthage has 8

Phyrrus campaign Turn 4 planning2.jpg
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Pyrrhus has lost his silver tongue from turns 1 and 2. Maybe it was made of iron, now sadly rusted. But his sword is still of the sharpest iron. Some claim that Pyrrhus is the inventor of steel, but I'm doubtful. Evident though (spoiler alert!) is that he invented a helmet with an opening large enough for a roof brick to pass through.
Pyrrhus continues his combination of empty threats and (sweet-)sour promises:

DIPLOMACY upon Corfinium. @Rico
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