S.S. Arctic

I've always found sea disasters to be fascinating. Perhaps gruesome curiosity could be my motivation, but I prefer to take
the romantic outlook of a brave ship and passengers losing their lives to things (mostly) outside of their control.
I've always found it terribly sad to see/learn of the ship's final moments and the description of its demise. That is why I was
very surprised to learn of the last moments of the S.S. Arctic. I'd somewhat egotistically thought I'd pretty much heard/read
about all the significant ship disasters. Wrong. Perhaps I can be excused here as the time period was one that glossed over
the sinking so that little of the details became known. This video sheds some long overdue light on a very grim accident with
great loss of life under some very bad circumstances.
Be warned. This is not a pleasant video.


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Oct 31, 2019
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Western Australia
Watched that one yesterday, pretty tough subject. I guess it's also easy for us to condemn those who took the 'every man for himself' route, but until we are placed in a similar situation I'm sure none of us truly know if we would have the courage to do the right thing, let the women and children be saved and go down with the ship, or would we succumb to cowardice and live using any means necessary?

While I'm sure all of us would like to think we would behave honourably, hopefully none of us are put in a position to find out.
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