Schlock Mercenary



Hello Peeps,

Schloack Mercenary is a sci-fi webcomic about a band of mercenaries. (Doh with a name like that what did YOU think it was going to be about???)

It is full of meaty, galaxy spanning storylines, tender moments and brutal battles. The plotting and characterisations are in depth and varied with moments of laugh out loud humour alongside many moments that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm! The science and military aspects of the strip are taken seriously and there is very little "handwavium" science. Veterans I've recommended the strip to have all remarked on how much they relate to the stories here.

A running theme is The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries which are fun and a spin on many similiar lists of "real" soldiers rules. A personal favourite is
"A Sergeant in Motion Outranks a Lieutenant Who Does Not Know What is Going On."

It's free to view online and whilst it does have a shop and Patreon service they are NO nag screens and very few reminders or adverts. I would recommend looking around the shop ecven if you don't like the comic as the products they sell are Fun, well made and occasionally useful.

Anyways get down there and enjoy the view.
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