Shanley on Hill 30 - 2 vs 2 game in progress


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Apr 19, 2021
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London Ontario Canada

A few weeks back four of us (three FMG members and one friend of member) started a 2 vs 2 battle using Kandu's Shanley on Hill 30 scenario. The two German players, Artix and Probus each command a German battalion and are supported with heavy weapons, Renault tanks and OBA. The two American 82nd Airborne players, Kandu and Mike, share an ad-hoc group of paras numbering approximately one battalion.

At this point the following is known to all players:

The southern German command (their right flank) is pressing Lt. Col. Shanley's left flank from two directions. While light pressure is being exerted from the west along the southernmost west to east road leading to the causeway across the Merderet flood, multiple German squads are wading across the flood plain directly to the south of Shanley's position. A heavy bombardment is concurrently pinning down Shanley's paras along the full extent of his left flank, along the same road all the way to Le Port Filiolet (the hamlet at the causeway). A the western end of the southern road, the Germans have capture the farmhouse at the edge of the American perimeter with only light casualties. Now, however, it appears to the Americans that short-falling rounds of German heavy OBA may be causing some friendly fire issues for them.

Things are heating up.

My compliments to all concerned so far. All involved are responding with their moves promptly thereby keeping interest in the game at a high level.
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