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Some of my miniature dioramas

Whoooweeeee amazing dioramas!!!!! Serious skill and patience (Both of which Zinzan lacks) on display here. Beautiful.

Quick question Is the workshop based on a real location/specific pictures or is a creative mix of real and imagined? (A bit like Zinzan really)
Amazin attention to details. You should try your hand at making scenarios for CM. I'm sure the maps will be real life looking. It's fun too and a great way to learn how to appreciate well made scenarios.
And welcome to the club :)
Thankyou all again Zinzan the Maserati workshop is based on the real one but only a small section as the real one is very large , i got some great photos of the real Maserati race workshop from a Canadian researcher of the Maserati 250 F . Cheers Pete.467.jpg
That's very impressive. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.
That takes patience......I would struggle to get anywhere near that level of detail and accuracy !!!

brilliant stuff.