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The Reaper's Harvesting Summer - 12.SS-Panzer Divison 'Hitlerjugend' in Normandy


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Author: Angelos N. Mansolas
The following are solely my 'OPINION' and others may reasonably disagree ....
Do we really need another book about the 12th SS? Maybe. There are enough older books available and these vary in quality but many are out of print. It is the latter issue that makes room for this new book.
Does this book add anything new to the information already available in earlier books or on the WWW? I don't think so. What it does do nicely however, is bring together existing information from various earlier books. I liked the photos and maps which these days are so often missing in other books. And ... it's printed on nice semi-glossy, sturdy paper. :)
I did like that it does what the title implies - it follows the 12SS through its actions in Normandy.
Things I did not like:
1. The author's descriptions of the 12SS appears 'to me' to be at times a little too fawning.
2. In common with many books today, neither author nor editor appear to have checked the author's sources. A friend of mine pointed out misquotes and misrepresentations.
Target audience. Casual readers. I do not consider this to be a scholarly work. These days, with so many books about WWII already having come and gone, and archives previously locked down opening up, I really really want to see more scholarly books. What do I mean by scholarly? Many primary sources referenced and footnoted and properly checked by editors/publishers.
Summary: If you want a quick easy read of the actions of the 12SS in Normandy, then this is satisfactory, only don't assume that every alleged quote is accurately sourced.