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Turn 19

  1. Move Amenian cataphracts behind my battleline.
  2. Break 2 Jewish cohorts in the main battleline.
  3. Have the Medium Infantry on my right flank Fragment then Route away from the villa.
The remaining Judean cohorts stand fast in their melee’s but the Jewish battleline is collapsing.


  1. Judean cavalry breaks 2 Fragmented Roman units
  2. My leftmost battleline cohort Fragments.
  3. Jewish skirmishers charge into melee with Roman light archers.
  4. Imitation Legionnaires face Roman Veteran Legionaries.
  5. Right flank Jewish Thureophoroi face a Roman Legion cohort.
  6. Roman Armored Noble cavalry melee’s Jewish light horse archers on the far right flank.
The Jewish battleline continues collapsing. Jewish victory is surely out of reach and the best I can do is earn a Draw before the clock runs out five turns from now.