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Turn 20

  1. Armenian cataphracts crash into the left flank of a Jewish cohort. It shatters and breaks. The cataphracts continue charging into the left flank of an adjacent Jewish cohort. It shatters and breaks. The cataphracts then charge into Jewish Armored Noble cavalrymen who had pursued a routed unit to the spot where they are caught.
  2. Roman Veteran Legionnaires Fragment Jewish Imitation ones.
  3. Roman Legionnaires Disrupt a unit of Jewish Thurophoroi.
The Jewish center is gone. Roman elephants lumber forward.


  1. A unit of routed Jewish Thurophoroi rallies to Fragmented.
  2. Jewish Imitation Legionnaires charge Disrupted Roman Legionnairies.
  3. Fragmented Jewish Imitation Legionnaires amazingly stand fast in their melee against Veteran Roman Legionnaires and their general.
  4. Jewish Armored Nobles cavalry melee’s Armenian cataphracts. Both stand and continue the fight.
  5. Jewish Veteran Legionnaires withdraw up the hill.
  6. Jewish cavalry gather together with the far right unit of Armored Noble lancers prepared to charge a Roman cohort (hopefully in their flank) next turn.
  7. A Jewish Thurophoroi unit Fragments and Route in melee with Roman Legionnaires. The adjacent Jewish Thurophoroi Disrupt.
Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune bother not Roman cohorts. Both sides have lost 40% but it is now a battle for Jewish survival and staving off full defeat.