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Turn 3-5

Not much happening. Badger continues to build his defense while using his advantage in skirmishers to whittle my smaller force down. I am continuing the move on my left. I really, really wish I would have had a hill in my rear area, but then, the game would have probably been boring :) . I forgot to add a screenshot.....since I rarely do screenshots, it is easy for me to forget, but I will get it out there next turn.
I am holding my right flank in place, in the hopes he will venture out to try and engage, at which point they will bolt left to join my main force. My Cav is going to ensure his 3 cav units on his right don't flank the main force, leaving his 3 cav moving to my right somewhat problematic. As always, my Army relies on defeating the main enemy infantry force before the inevitable flanking by enemy Cav. Since he set up way back, it will be difficult. I have a long way to march.
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