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Turn 4

Turn 4
  1. Wellsonian continues advancing his infantry on my right.
  2. His cavalry halts in the rear of his center.
  3. His skirmishers advance and engage, disrupting 2 of units; a light horse archer on my left (A) and a slinger on my right (B). He’s pushing to see where I’ll give and how I’ll react.

I react by:
  1. Withdrawing my disrupted skirmish units to safer positions
  2. Deploying the skirmishers on my left to engage and disrupt 2 Roman light horse archer units.
  3. Concentrating the skirmishers on my right to engage and disrupt 1 Roman slinger and inflict casualties on the Roman Cretan Archer skirmishers
  4. Advancing the Thurephorai units on my left forward to support my Jewish skirmishers
  5. Continuing to advance the cavalry units supporting my left
  6. Backing up the right side of my battle line to more favorable terrain for receiving an eventual attack
  7. Moving the cavalry units on my right further to my right to anticipate threatening the far flank of a Roman advance there

I expect to eventually prevail and push back the skirmishing Roman light horse archers on my left. Then I need to see what Wellsonian will do with the skirmishers and medium infantry units in his center. There’s still an elephant hidden by the hill there behind them. The Roman cavalry reserve at the rear of his center is dissuading me from any attack plans into that area at the moment. I need to wait and see how he maneuvers. Eventually, I think I will be pushing with my left and standing fast on my right. My Heavy Artillery is holding fire because all enemy units in range are still at long range and I don’t want to waste its ammunition taking pot shots at skirmishers. I’ll need it to damage enemy assault units later.