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Turn 6

Here is my situation end of Turn 6. I've annotated the screenshot as well. I have decided that Badger isn't taking the bait (I know he is waaaay smarter than that), so I have moved out my mostly medium foot to join the main force. I am going to lose the skirmish battle, so it is time to combine by forces and push the battle line. I expected Badger to maneuver to the hill, but he hasn't although he still could. I am going to take some serious casualties from his remaining skirmishers and the Arty, but if I am efficient enough I think I can get home with enough to take his infantry line. Unfortunately, the initial setup kind of screwed one of my prized vet cohorts. They will unfortunately be the missile defense shield. Shhhh, don't tell them. What a waste of an elite unit. Badger must be thrilled.
The big concern is his Cav. He has divided it in to two groups of three. That means I can reasonably protect one flank, and it will be the left. I am toying with dividing my forces as well, with three going left, and the elephant and one Cataphract protecting the right flank. The object will be strictly to delay. This is the dilemma faced by almost every early Roman army in this game, and I have faced it in every battle during season 11. And I am a mediocre 4-4 :rolleyes:. Badger is WELL aware of this weakness, having played this exact army and allies in our first venture into the digital league. I will of course attempt to refuse flanks and all that, but it comes down to timing. We will see!

FOI! Turn 6.jpg