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Turns 9 & 10

Turn 9 was move maneuver and positioning. I withheld Heavy Artillery fire.

Here is Turn 10
  1. Wellsonian turns toward my battleline with his Heavy Foot.
  2. He advances his Noble Lancers, a Legionary cohort, and Spanish Scutarii to secure his right flank and prevent my cavalry an end run around them.
  3. His Cataphracts guard his right flank and his elephant moves on towards his battleline.
  4. On my far left, his Disordered light horse archers rally and move to threaten my Heavy Artillery from the rear.
I should have reacted 1 turn sooner to the light horse archers behind my lines. Oh, well. The shock of impact is likely two turns away . . .


I’ve rotated the map image to coincide with the direction of my battleline.

My response:
  1. Continuing to pursue the lone Roman light cavalry horse archers on my left with 1 unit of my own light horse archers. He plans to attack my Heavy Artillery from the rear so I pull another light horse archer unit from my left and turn a cohort of Imitation Legionaires to support it.
  2. Turning the Thureophoroi on my left to support the left flank of my Heavy Foot battleline
  3. Positioning my left flank Xystophoroi and Armored Nobles cavalry to threaten the Roman right flank guard of Cataphracts.
  4. Move my left flank light cavalry horse archers to shoot arrows at the Roman elephant to no effect. Elephants are vulnerable to missile fires and I’d like to disorder his if possible. My skirmish infantry flings sticks and arrows at a unit of Roman Cataphracts inflicting a small number of casualties.
  5. Adjusting the skirmishers and cavalry on my right. The light horse archers are low on ammo and shoot at an Armored Noble cavalry unit and the Roman slingers (5A). The other 2 infantry skirmishers and light horse archers shoot at a Roman cohort (5B).

I shoot a round of Heavy Artillery at short range against a Veteran Legionary cohort with a probability of inflicting 0-38 casualties. It kills 5!

I know this DAR has been as exciting as watching paint dry thus far. At this point though, I think we 2 turns from launching our assaults. I don't look forward to cohorts of superior and elite armored impact foot smashing into me. The cavalry on our flanks should be interesting too; I outnumber his 3:2 but nothing is certain once they connect.