War, with Gwynne Dyer. (A - 7 part series) hosted on the Teacher Resource Video YouTube Channel


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Mar 14, 2021
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My recent reference to Canadian journalist and war historian, Gwynne Dyer in another posting served to rekindle my interest in viewing some of his other works that may have also found their way onto YouTube, both for my own enjoyment and that perhaps I might uncover something also of some interest to other members of FGM. Well that search lead me the following series that was produced some time back in conjunction with his literary work of the same name.

The link below is to Part 1 of the outstanding National Film Board of Canada / Gwynne Dyer series shown on PBS in1983, and now hosted on YouTube by 'Teacher Resource Video' and in which Dyer traces the evolution of warfare from earlier ages to the Total War of the Twentieth Century. However, be aware Dyer adopts a completely different tack in his discourse on this subject that one might otherwise expect from a series dealing with the title War.

Rather than simply providing a recitation of the political pressures at play, or of the personalities and combatants involved, or of their force disposition, weapons, strategy and tactics and weapons etc, etc, Dyer instead takes a refreshing different tack in looking at the subject of war. Viewers are taken on a fascinating journey into the psychological aspects of war; why we wage it and how we prepare for it; the realpolitik, the propaganda and the dehumanizing training of cannon fodder. Interestingly, Dyer in his uniquely compelling narrative also implicates the citizenry themselves for their role in maintaining the military status quo, and posits the conundrum of the necessity of military defense and the parallel desire for peace and demilitarization.

Despite its age, it is still a compelling, timely & thoughtful look at the subject.

Cheers !

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