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Warplan - - Anybody brought this?

Mixed reviews looks like.

Well Strategic Command World War 2 is easy to get into and is not bad. Plus you get to play across theaters. For Europe Only there is Strategic Command War War 2 Europe and of Course you have Grigsby's War in the West. For world wide stuff you have the Hearts of Iron games or Supreme Ruller Ultimate. So this genre is crowded already.
I picked this one up and am enjoying it. The developer (I think or somebody involved with creating the game, Alvaro Sousa) is very involved answering questions about the game on the Matrix forum. He is also working on adding the Pacific theater.

The map and counters reminded me of the Avalon Hill board game Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. On the very first post of Dev. Diary #1 is a big screenshot of the old Avalon Hill game box for Rise and Decline. The developer goes on to explain how he played the Avalon Hill board game as a kid. It seems some of the inspiration for WarPlan came from the board game. As a kid I spent many hours playing the board game with the game map sections, counters, manual and a notebook spread out on the dining room table. It was a fun board game. Now with a computer handling the record keeping, number crunching etc. (instead of my notebook) its even more fun.

I gotta go and kick in the door to the Soviet Union and see what happens..........
Must admit, I brought this on the day of release... so give it a day or two be happy to a multiplayer game.
Due to unexpected RL issues (family illness and babysitting duties) have yet had time to give it a go.

Also will be a while until I can have a look at this -- huge pile of work to catch up and also spent most of yesterday in hospital emergency room with family medical crisis.
A mod was released that makes the air counters round.


Panzers corps headed for the Baku oil fields as winter sets in.


Interesting game. And it does remind me of the old AH Rise and Decline of the Third Reich board game. :)
Can't believe I have bought another WW2 strat game!
Crawling over the forum, it appears that the dev is keen to continue with the game.
A previous patch fixed an interesting error. He found an AI routine that caused the opposite action to what was intended! LOL!
New patch incoming next week.

Movement/Combat is easy enough but it will take time to get a grip with all the factors - Production, Development (unusually titled Advancements), etc. Be nice to have some sort of checklist, let alone guide to strategic considerations.

PS Could this thread be moved to the Matrix/Slitherine section? I think it would be more appropriate, maybe with a WARPLAN title. --- thx Badger73

PSS I have an A4 version of the manual on Dropbox if anyone is interested.
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Be nice to have some sort of checklist, let alone guide to strategic considerations.

PSS I have an A4 version of the manual on Dropbox if anyone is interested.

What do you mean by an A4 version of the manual? I thought the developer was waiting until more features patches/changes were completed before updating the manual.

Below is my Turn Guide in its current state. I update add/remove/change the order of items almost everyday. But it might be useful as a base starting point.

Turn Guide:
Check notification along upper right edge of screen.
Physically pan the map for partisan activity & respond as appropriate.
Check logistic/supply/convoy system.
Deploy new units.
Order production of supply trucks (to include allies).
Order production of units (to include allies).
Assign Specialties.

Attacks - (Ctrl key for multiple unit attack)
Consider delay if weather is bad.
Check the command range of HQs.
Resupply units to include air units.
Check Air Superiority coverage (German fighters 6 hexagons).
Close air support. (Rain & snow -50%)
Oil units avoid rugged/urban terrain.
At least 3 -1 odds.
Hot Key B to turn on battle panel.
When learning the game there seem to be so many factors to get to grips with, so I thought a checklist (in logical order) would be helpful.
So thx for your suggestion, I will use that as a basis to develop my own.

Did not know there was a manual update in the pipeline.
Basically I resized the manual to A4 size so I could print back to back. Prefer having a paper version when learning a game.

Been playing the "Poland" campaign to get movt/combat/unit factors understood.
For a beginner it would be nice to have a checklist that reminds players to leave 6 units in Poland as per the "Soviet" invasion rule.
Probably just the usual beginner complaints - cannot get away from the learning curve of any game.
Ive bought on release...Its a great game for thinkers out strategist out there..Anyone want to take me on let me know
The following is a list of updates/fixes for the v1.00.03 patch that will hopefully be released Wednesday, November 13th.

Increased map scrolling to fall +30 pixels off the edge of the screen.
Land units on the coast are now properly destroyed by air power.
Units limited to 25 characters for name changing, was 40.
Fixed resource #31 to include label of "port"
Fixed 2 locations in England
Fixed custom image loading when choosing another game
Fixed late war retreat script in USSR
Fixed minor country supply source retreat error
Removed undu from merging and splitting units
Adjusted unit ID image so air units are more clear
Added unit type sorting to reports and statistics unit column
Fixed air overrun adding to game stats
Adjusted Allied A.I. for invading North Africa and Normandy
Fixed only fleet mode navies intercept enemy forces
Fixed hotseat games changing fleet modes on load
Fixed misaligned victory location
Added Allied Norway convoy route
Fixed mine fields in all scenarios
Fixed ZoC issue with neutral countries that was impacting rail movement
Fixed plane range formula
Changed Italy's morale break from 52 to 32 until the USA is in the war
Fixed naval port attack indicator not showing on empty enemy ports or transport fleets
Fixed showing proper invadable hexes
Turned off main menu when doing PBEM upload
Fixed paratrooper jump bug
Added South Africa to map as an Allied supply source
Pacific Resources is now a main supply source
Added port supply denial if port can't reach main supply source
Corrected Aqaba tile
Fixed showing invisible convoy routes on information panel
Fixed 2/2 patrol groups in 1939 scenario
Fixed contested hex move cost
Fixed naval operation points when undoing move
Fixed WarPlan crash bug
Added beach to Gibraltar
Fixed oiler resupply in blizzard frozen ocean and port
Fixed out of supply fleet able to perform beachhead supply
Fixed graphical alignment on unknown land unit images on bottom of image
Adjusted Netherlands coast
Added tile for Netherlands coast to tiles.png for custom images
Fixed major alignments for minors
Improved Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece defenses
Corrected rail in Turkey and made them scortched earth
Fixed reinforcements and priority for naval and air
Added ability to disable convoy route
Corrected Spain does not enter Axis side if Gibraltar is Axis in scenario notes
Added Baltic convoy route
USSR set to surrender at 0 morale
Cleared data corruption in stats for scenarios
Adjusted air combat damage slightly for more losses
Added Italian option scenario where Italy may declare war from the start of the war
Nice looking counters! Might give them a go.

For anyone else who might be interested in getting the game, my observations.
The obvious comparison is with the old AH Third Reich boardgame, which seemed a giant in its day, but PC power has absorbed all that rule guff.
More recently, it is GG War in the East/West. If GG's games are rated as hardcore, then Matrix rating of Intermediate would be about right for Warplan.
The current manual is a modest 110 pages. So you will have to do some reading but it is not onerous and accessible to the average bear.
The developer's goal has been to provide a playable game that has enough meat to provide variation and challenge but avoiding the route of micro-management.
So if you are suffering from Post GG Traumatic Stress Disorder this could be a cure for your strategic gaming itch!