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Wasteland 3


FGM Lieutenant
Oct 5, 2015
Melb, Oz
Imagine my delight when I realized today is release day!
DL'ing now. This is gonna take a while.
OK, back. Looks like the DL is about 22GB. Installed perfectly though.
So, Steam has a lot of start game video available to assist moving forward. Guess I'll go watch some video and then
Just gonna jump in and look around first. Graphics look awesome from the start cut scene!!
Make Colorado Great Again!!
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Am I the only one thrilled about this release?
I'm not making much progress as I am smelling all the roses trying to figure out how things work. If you've played a turn-based, RPG, tactical war game
you know basically how this one works. And, if you like your game controls to set up just so...every one can be changed to you preference. The devil is in the details.
In particular the bewildering amount of skills, etc. you can upgrade. Figuring out which ones and why is a serious intellectual challenge (don't do it Barry!).
Two things of note:
- The camera is just a little bit annoying. It's not a free floating <RMB> which means it takes a bit of jiggering to make it do what you want.
The zoom needs some adjustment in both directions. The Steam Forum believes it will be done. Perhaps sooner than later.
- Inventory management is terrific! I've seen this recently on two other RPGs(EA) I've toyed with. That is, all the equipment/weapons/consumables are community property for the entire
team. That is, you just access the inventory screen and everything is there. If you want to change anything your team mates are using you just click on their portrait then they have access
to everything you have. You don't have to look at each character individually to see what sundry items they are carrying! This such a user-friendly change, but it gets better. There is no
limit in either numbers or weight on the items you can carry. Realistic? Of course not. But it does wonders for playability! No more trying to mod that backpack to improve carry limits. No
more dropping perfectly good items because you just found one slightly better. No more stopping whatever you are doing to find a merchant to sell stuff to keep from being overburdened. Brilliant.
- The game is bloody expensive atm ($60), but I'm pretty sure I am going to get well in excess of my money's worth.
Calling for all former Desert Rangers to come rally with me and save Colorado!
Although I am suspicious of the motives on exactly how/why I am supposed to go about that. Hmm.
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