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A bug, or unexpected interaction?


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Jul 26, 2022
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United Kingdom
So while Nemesis has been living up to their name and make me regret my life choices (and especially my force selection), I had an unexpected interaction between my Mk19 Humvee and a building.

Previously, the wild spread of the Mk19 has caused more than one friendly-fire incident (indeed, there was one case this very match), but I've been having passable success rolling them out more to spray the targets for 15 seconds with a 15 second pause. In this case I was a bit nervous of the road, so I put in a 10-second pause, assuming that the Humvee would reverse away and stop firing when it had moved behind the building.

What actually happened is that it proceeded to fire through the building, with the grenades continuing to hit the target.

Is this an unexpected interaction of some sort, from building proximity and grenades that won't go off at short range? Or is it just a bug?
I've seen the ATGM bug, but never from an AGL like this. I would submit your turn to the helpdesk, or on the official forums somewhere
Your team in that building should be very shaken up by that, if not dead. Thankfully, never happened to me in a game yet with any weapon. What are the odds of getting through very open window, with a burst?
@Player_B looks like a bug to me.
FWIW I had a similar issue with the CV9035, which is a bit more prone to this behavior because it also seems to have a compulsive behavior disorder that forces it to empty the clip of it's 35mm everytime it fires (only magdumps allowed, unless there are other targets visible to it). I posted it on the BFC forum but it didn't get much traction.