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American Infantry

Northern Italy, 1945

I guess this picture was taken in Korea: A G.I. besides a soviet DP-28 LMG and many equipment that seems to be post-WW2 too.
The original Russian caption translated with Google Translator is-
"Resting an American soldier with a machine gun Degtyarev. Additional information about this picture is not."
There's no mention of place or date.
Dead Marine killed by Jap sniper after knifing dead Jap in background

Dead German, Cherbourg
PS-Although there are a lot of dead servicemen pics of all nationalities on the net, I only post a relatively small number of them. I never used to post any at all, but I changed my mind and now I do it as a mark of respect and memorial to them, just in case they're watching and saying "Hey FGM, please don't forget about us, we're as much a part of the war as the living".