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Creating Hostomel Airport Scenario in CMBS- Looking for collaborators

I tried making the hangars with modular building components but then...they were not hangars anymore ie overhangs, they were solid buildings...
I see now. Didn't think that "hollowing" was an option.
Yeah, so infantry will still be able to use the floors but encouraged not to. You can create rooms and whatnot inside buildings when you combine multiple modular buildings together. Two good showcase maps for both of those points are "Summer In The City" by TheForger, and "Rebels In Odessa" by Glubokii Boy respectively
Doors work wherever you place them when combing buildings (Modular or not, or even together). So you can make some wacky large buildings if you're real creative.
A good showcase map for this would be Npye's Berlin maps, but they need better interiors, something I've already done for one of those maps.
Hey, you wanted a Collab right? :)


Amazing job! Thank you for the improvements. For some reason, I cannot see the second hangar... Am I missing something? Now, I just need to get the OOB right...
Thank you! I gave you a shout out on the Battlefront forums. The updated link is in the first post, the dropbox link.

Thank you! I gave you a shout out on the Battlefront forums. The updated link is in the first post, the dropbox link.

Thank you for mentioning my map on BF. I signed up for an account and am waiting for "approval" by the admin. Perhaps we will get some additional contributors.
I just finished up my Hostomel Airport map as well and I am working on a campaign if you would be interested in teaming up. Not sure why, but my screenshots won't capture the trees in my map, but you get the idea.


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NICE!!!!!!!!! I would love to get my hands on that asap.
Still interested in providing a TOE, you mentioned 41st CAA. I've done 20th CAA before and it was a quick write up. Finding TOE information on VDV is much harder. It's probably pointless until the module releases so I know what i have to work with.

I actually had some luck finding a lot of the info... Check it!
Ill be releasing the campaign in the next day or two and the maps shortly after.


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Look up battle order .com or something like that. Thats where I found a pretty detailed breakdown of the VDV Airborne Btns vs Airborne Assault Btns, etc. I am still interested in help too. This has been a massive project to handle on my own, especially with me trying to run a business and get shit ready for me to actually go to Ukraine. lol
I don't know what the word "relax" anymore.
Unfortunately I've used battle order too, and there's no way to find VDV toe information on the Battalion or higher level

I got some decent info off that. That might not be what you're looking for though.
You know what, hold up. I'ma DM you the finished Antonov Airport Map and Day 1 Scenario. Please don't share it yet. I would like some input on it.
How's this going? It soundedlike a fascinating scenario, albeit we don't have full information on what happened. I watched several of the russian videos and they were very much an airborne light infantry vertical assault operation. I assume they were expecting armoured/mechanised support to reach them quickly.