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Field of Glory II: Four Kingdoms Campaign (in development)

Been tinkering with and testing this ... redesigned the counters and streamlining & simplifying the campaign system.

At moment the four fictional kingdoms still the Wolves At The Gates DLC armies of Byzantium (988-1041AD), Ghaznavid (962-1187AD), Andalusians (756-1049AD) and Normans (923-1049AD) -- last one might be replaced by French of same period (more variable OOB options)

(The Barbarian raiders are: Vikings (900-1049AD), Bulgars (Danube) (852-1018AD), Pecheneg (850-1122AD) and Arabs North Africa (7898-999) as Arab Corsairs.

With the upcoming release of the FOG Medieval: Swords & Scimitars Crusades DLC, I can then look at slotting in armies from that period into this campaign system. (depends on how interesting and varied their army lists are)

4 Kingdoms NEW PLAYTEST 1 screenshot.jpg

Closer detail screenshot:

A Byzantine army is besieging the fortified province of Sarmatia owned by the Kingdom of Kandahar (Ghaznavid army list), with a Kandahar army approaching from south to relieve the siege in the next turn.