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Flashpoint Campaigns - Red Storm Player's Edition

Picked this game up during a recent sale via Fanatical, and boy did I like it. Went through the tutorial scenario with the quickstart guide, and it was... much simpler to understand than I initially thought from the interface. This is my first "big boy" hex-tile wargame (unless you count HBS Battletech) and I had a really good time. Tried one of the small scenarios after that on my own, and even though I lost, I still enjoyed myself. Most of the mechanics are clear, the interface is functional, and the asynchronous WEGO system might spoil me against more traditional systems of other hex-tile wargames. Using logic and tactics felt natural, and I could see why some of my tactics weren't working. I'll only need to come back later with the manual open on another window to learn some more intricacies of the mechanics, such as why some units would not follow a move order until after a few turns passed. Probably something to do with morale or suppression I didn't notice.
Looks like Flashpoint Campaigns Southern Storm is getting close to release. Below is the developer log roadmap. #1 and 2 have been posted.

Dev Logs Road Map:

Dev log #1:
UI/Info Displays/Overlays – Cover all of the changes in the UI, all of the new info displays (Staff, Dashboard, SUI) and run down the Overlays.
Dev log #2: Command and Control/Orders/SOPs – Talk about command ranges and delays, orders including formation and chaining different ordered, and discuss per orders SOPs.
Dev log #3: Battle Planning and Scenario Design – Explain how to make scenarios and the awesomeness of Battle plans.
Dev log #4: Improved AI – A rundown of all the new and improved AI mechanics.
Dev log #5: New Combat and Spotting Mechanics – Breakdown all of the new elements to combat, ammo tracking, per target shooting, per sensor spotting and new arty mechanics.
Dev log #6: Other Features and Improvements – Grab up all of the other minor features and improvements like Radars/ESM, Multi-national forces, mission graphics, realist weather forecasting, dedicated engineers, etc.
Dev log #7: Mod Friendly Design – Go over all of the editing and mod capabilities within the game system.
Flashpoint campaigns Southern Storm. From the Matrix Forum:

Nine years after the release of Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, On Target Simulation returns with a new masterpiece. Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is finally available, exclusively on the Matrix Games store. Hundreds of meticulously researched platforms and weapons, detailed orders of battle, and realistic modeling of modern combat, including armor, infantry, helicopters, airpower, and chemical and nuclear weapons, all wrapped up with a new user interface and PBEM++ multiplayer support.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm has an innovative WEGO asynchronous turn resolution system which models command friction, and it’s set at the height of the Cold War, with the action centered on 1989.
I was not aware of how good this game is but finally got Flashpoint Campaigns Southern Storm. I know it is greedy, but cannot wait for dlc.

There is some moaning about price but it is worth it.