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FOG II Medieval challenge


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Sep 2, 2020
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Granada, Spain
Does anyone fancy a one-off battle? I've chosen The Battle of Lincoln or the Rout of Winchester, both from The Anarchy civil war period of English history. Here are brief descriptions of the two battles. I'm good to play either side. These are downloaded battles that I can set up as challenges. I've no idea how balanced they are, it's just for fun.

The Battle of Lincoln, or the First Battle of Lincoln, occurred on 2 February 1141 in Lincoln, England between King Stephen of England and forces loyal to Empress Matilda. Stephen was captured during the battle, imprisoned, and effectively deposed while Matilda ruled for a short time.

In the Rout of Winchester (14 September 1141) the army of imprisoned King Stephen of England, led by his wife, Queen Matilda of Boulogne, Stephen's brother Bishop Henry of Blois, and William of Ypres, faced the army of Stephen's cousin Empress Matilda, whose forces were commanded by her half-brother Earl Robert of Gloucester. After Empress Matilda's army besieged a castle on the edge of Winchester, Queen Matilda's army arrived and blockaded the Angevin army within the city. Cut off from supplies, the Angevin army gave up the siege, then was crushed as it began to retreat. Robert of Gloucester was captured and was subsequently exchanged for Stephen, who was returned to the throne of England. However, the civil war known as The Anarchy dragged on with neither side gaining an advantage.

Thanks all, Rick.

I'll tag a few FGM but all comers welcome.

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Hi Josey,
Long time no see. Ok, I'll set it up and send you a message. Do you have any preference as to sides? I've really no idea about balance although I'm hoping it has been set up to be a fair fight.