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I did some research about the cause.... place of finding near Bialobrzegi.
The vehicle belonged to the armored recon Bn of the 25th Panzer division that fought north of Warsaw from October to November 1944.
Afterwards the division marched south of Warsaw to replenishment (area of Warka bridgehead).
However the time of rest did not last long since a major Russian offensive broke loose at the 14th of January 1945.
The divisional chronicle tells:

14th Jan.: counterattack against Stromiec (10 km east of Bialobrzegi), recapture of Ksawero
15th Jan.: defence around Stromiec, during the night break out to the west (Bialobrzegi)
16th Jan.: pocket of defence at Wysmierzise
17th Jan.: retreat to Mogielnica and breakthrough to the west; Pz Regiment 9 losses all Panthers up to 2 tanks, further retreat
During these few days the division looses the majority of its vehicles: shot to pieces or blown-up because of fuel shortage!
The rests of the badly mauled division (25 SPW, 600 men) retreat towards the Oder and gets replenished again.

Knowing the setting we can guess that the vehicles were lost during the vain attempt to cross the frozen river?
Maybe the lack of fuel was an issue too?
No matter what happened exactly, we can be sure that the crew had a really hard time during these chilly days...

the cross marks the rough place of finding
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I'm glad my parents forced me to learn Polish, their native tongue, comes in handy sometimes.

Excellent video and good work by @Mehlsack to take the time and research. I have a scale model of a German halftrack sitting in a box not touched! This kinda motivates me to get off my arse and start building it.