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Hello all.



Hello all.

I stumbled upon this site while searching for some documentation on a game and thought it would be a good community to join. It looks wonderful and I look forward to participating.

I am an old board gamer and played many an Avalon Hill game growing up in the 80's and have naturally progressed through years (decades) of board to PC game development. It's been quite a journey but look forward to new developments in this hobby.

I do suffer a bit from "Game Acquisition Disorder" but have narrowed down my playlist to a few standard games, mostly single-player with the occasional forray into multiplayer, though not as much as I used to. Right now it is everything Graviteam and I am just enjoying the heck out of it. I also play a bit of LnL Tactical, Flashpoint Campaigns and a good deal of naval games.

Thank you for letting me join in this community and I look forward to being a part of it.
Big welcome to the Club @lordoliver The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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old board gamer eh?

Might get a kick out of this thread....

Welcome. Enjoy a beer while you look around.