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mTk Plays An FPS - Really!

I've always liked FPS games, but nowadays my <click> skills are well below average. So much so that usually the <dimwit> difficulty level is still too difficult.
However...this game is awesome and has a difficulty level <easy> that so far is something I can deal with.

If anyone has played any of the prior Metro games this just takes the genre into 2019. I like everything about it (so far). It has lots of everything I like in this type of game and less. Yes, less. The reviewer hits upon what I think is a particular strength and that is you do not spend the entire time in a frantic shoot out with monsters for no reason other than to shoot monsters. There is substantial quiet time between panic moments to talk to NPCs and just enjoy the story advancement.

Since this looks like a long game I am happy to report that the dialogue and voice acting is excellent. I have no problem believing the characters are real.

Something that concerned me was that I was unable to access things I thought I should have been able to see/do. The map, backpack etc. Some frustration was setting in. Turns out I had to play about an hour before those items became available so all is good now. "Patience young Jedi."

Just looks at this game! It is just off the chart awesome for the genre. Barely into it, but sure like what I see so far.

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Looks great! Metro 2033 Redux is on my wishlist.
It appears that Exodus has been removed from Steam though.
"Notice: Sales of Metro Exodus have been discontinued on Steam due to a publisher decision to make the game exclusive to another PC store."

Some of my favourite FPS's:

Thief and Skyrim (hey, shooting a bow is still shooting!)
Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4.
Far Cry 4 and 5

If you are playing a game on your own (as opposed to online with people), the story and atmosphere become more important than ever.

Congrats on persevering, and really glad you are enjoying it @mTk :)
Metro Exodus is lots of fun. I really enjoy the openworld bit of it. I am exploring all Kinds of ways just for the lolz.
Hmm. After several more hours I'm doing OK. I thought this would be sort of a brain dead shooter and, well it's not. The missions start out sounding fairly simple and the actual objective is. However...getting the job done is usually a very tense process. And just when you think the end is in sight...wrong! More to do fella! LOL
I've got the UI pretty much figured out. The crafting is not all that intuitive, but becomes easy once you get your head around it. No magic potions or silly stuff. If you salvage enough chemicals and metal parts (that's all you need to look for) you can upgrade weapons and equipment. You just learned crafting.
Ammo. Never enough. At a crafting table you can make ammo, but only what you can logically carry. "No, mTk! 600 rounds is not logical!" As long as you can kill human bad guys you can scrounge their ammo and weapon parts. Unfortunately (?) monsters don't carry any of that stuff so you constantly need to think about what weapon to be primary under whatever circumstance you may find your self. You can only carry 3 firearms at one time. You also need to craft med kits, grenades, throwing knives etc.
Then, don't forget to clean and repair weapons and gear. Usually that kind of thing is tedious and I'm thinking "this is such a waste of time". Not here. Here it just seems useful and I actually feel better when all my kit is ready to go.
Catch you in the Wastelands. Have some sneaking I gotta do.
:p I kind of thought I knew where this game was going. The good guys are on the surface and are looking for some place to live. In the process they will encounter mutants, monsters, bandits et al. With my help we shall prevail.
Uh, no. Without giving away too much (possible small spoiler alert) I just ran into a bunch of...wait for it...Cannibals!! LMAO! OK, I will simply not assume anything any longer and just go with it. Whew. It was gruesome.
A couple of tips. You will be using the hotkey <e> a LOT. Be careful. It is used to pick up salvage, but also used to pick up a dropped weapon by the bad guys. If you pick up a weapon you will automatically drop the weapon you are currently equipped with. You can see the problem. If that happens (and you don't notice right away} and you don't want to go back and look for it just find another one. When you get that (same kind} one you can go into your backpack and re-equip with all the extra accessories your other one had. I know. Not like the small back pack is able to carry all those parts, but take advantage.
Dropping your current weapon for another has an advantage when low on ammo as the weapon you pick up will usually have a full ammo load out. So if low on ammo its a good tactic. Then re-equip. It's tedious, but better than hand-to-hand.
I'm in the desert and it's bloody hot! Train is out of water and fuel. Here I go.
That's odd. I posted a message a little while ago about encountering giant, mutant spiders, but it is nowhere to be found. Huh.
Anyway, I found myself at the bottom of an old command bunker, having just located some old recon photos that we hope will show us some terrain that might be survivable. My only problem is that power was failing and it was either bunker lights or power to the elevator to get me back up. This meant that my rush to the elevator would involve fighting through a hoard of the mutant spiders in the dark. I lost my shotgun somewhere and even if I'd had it guns are really inadequate to deal with these spiders. What works is light. Exposed long enough they burn. They also frequently laugh (sorta) at my puny flashlight so it was going to be a charge through the spider gauntlet, get to the elevator in time before my gas mask fails... You get the idea.

The biggest problem was using the light to figure out where the hell the elevator was located. The moment I looked for a route the spiders were on my face! Not all were the mutants. but enough to make me do it NINE times before I made it. Sweat inducing to have mutant spiders bite your ass in the dark!

Made it back to the surface. Now in the desert, low on ammo (of course) and unsure what to do next. Need to kill some bandits to get more ammo I suppose. Damn, the sand is hot...
A lot has happened in the desert. The Baron runs the desert with about 700 of his bandits and thugs. Maybe a few less 'cause I shot a bunch of 'em. Anyway, one of his camps in the mts had a big supply of water and with a little help I was able to liberate a couple of truck trailers worth. That just leaves the train fuel problem and I'm on my way to the Baron's fortress to take care of that. Just need to infiltrate the place, locate the gate controls so we can steal a tanker train car full of that fuel stuff. What could go wrong?

I wish I'd done this much earlier on some other maps as there are many other places of interest that do not advance the story line.
What they do provide is more salvage along with gun and equipment upgrades. I've found some very helpful items while out here roaming around in the hot. I've picked up some NV googles which are a huge help as I don't need to alert others to my presence by using my flashlight now. Have a brighter flashlight, better helmet, etc.

On my fuel car mission I've decided to take my upgraded revolver instead of my 3-shot SG. Has 6 shots, but more importantly causes about 75% or so of the damage the SG does. And I can carry 60 revolver rounds instead of the 24 SG shells. Since all/most of my targets should be squishies this extra ammo should still provide one-shot kills and will make me feel better.

Oh, here's something I should have realized earlier. You never need to run out of ammo while out in the wastelands! Your 3rd weapon you can/must carry is a high-powered air rifle. It's given to you early on. With a pump compressor it manages to have ridiculous range/accuracy for shooting little steal balls. It's real downside is it only causes 3HP per round. So you need to hit some one/thing 5/6+ times to kill them. Sometimes beasties are on you too quick for that to work, even though the ROF is quite good.
The rifle doesn't become worthwhile until you can get it equipped with a 6x scope. Then? Awesome. It is very quiet and with the scope you can usually be successful with head shots. And even with only 3HP they are usually deadly.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Ammo. You cannot craft more ammo unless you at a crafting station. Aurora (train) has one and there are others scattered about. The exception is your air rifle!! I just realized that going into your backpack you can craft steel balls! That means 50 ammo rounds whenever you need them. Doh!

I guess I'm more than half way through this now and I am still having as much fun as it sounds like. If you are tempted then just do it. It's run flawlessly. Oh, you need to purchase it through the Epic Games website. When installed the way to boot it up is find the game in your Epic Games inventory and use their launcher. It's a little clunky, but works just fine.

I've met up with a couple of my comrades just outside the Fortress. NV on. Here we go...
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Taking down the Baron and securing the fuel tanker was much easier to accomplish than other, recent objectives. Actually, I didn't kill him, Giul did. Doesn't matter how does it? This frees up Giul to lead a desert revolution. Good luck with that.

Aurora pushed on to the river valley we hoped could turn into our home. Fail. Not going into any detail (spoilers) here. It was just a bad place with radiation. On our way out we encountered a giant, mutant bear. I've never seen anything that large that breathed! I used my AK on full auto and expended all 90 rounds and it was still coming. I got lucky and it slipped off a cliff, but was hanging onto my leg (oow). I stabbed him in the eye with my combat knife and he finally let go. Please.. no more of those.

Fleeing more angry people we'd almost made it back to the train when Alyosha took a bullet in the back. He survived, but is in a wheelchair. Nurse is cheerful and tells him he will recover, but I don't think he believes it. I don't think anyone does. Appears Alyosha may be blaming me for his plight. Hope not.

So, what could be worse than having to leave the valley and Alyosha's injury? Anna. My wife is ill and probably dying from some lung disease she contracted some time back when she fell into that bunker full of toxic gas. We hoped the valley's clean air would help. Yeah.

Nurse says that before the war she'd heard of an experimental med that might cure her. So, we headed off to the "Dead City." My father-in-law, the Colonel. and I are to look for med supplies in a lab. We took our vehicle to a close by metro station to stay out of the open as much as possible given the rad reading outside is 8x that of Moscow. We have rad suits, but they are crap, not to mention heavy and hard to move around in. Swell, in the Metro again. My ammo is already a bit low in my AK as mutants have attacked us twice in large numbers. Also, my resources are low, so even if given an opportunity to make some more I may not be able to.

We're due for a little good luck. At least no spiders, so far.
@mTk I recently installed this onto my new mega computer.
I cranked it up for the first time the other day...when an alarm started sounding from my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). After about 20 seconds it suddenly shut itself off and the computer as well.
It turns out that my beastly new Radeon 6900 graphics card was pumping itself up for some ultra graphics in the game and was drawing more power than the UPS could handle!
Kind of annoying, but kinda cool as well. :sneaky:
Going out this week to buy either a 1.2k 720 watts or 1.6k 960 watts UPS that can handle my graphics card!