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Would anybody be interested in a Viking Tournament?


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Apr 21, 2012
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Wolves at the gate tournament

I am considering opening a small Viking tournament covering some battles of the Viking era.
You will need “Wolves at the gate, FOG 2”

As in Epic Battles, you will need to play different opponents both defending and as attackers, in each round. Scoring will be taking the two scores and adding them together.

In each game the defender will set-up a game. Other factors will be stated such as map type, foes before each game, in addition some Vikings will receive a possible blessings or a Curses.

Prior to each round a few players will be subjected to the “Blessing of Odin” or the “curse of Loki”.

The first-time champion of a round will be subject to the “curse of Loki”, and likewise the overhaul looser of a round will receive the “Blessing of Odin”.

In addition, other “random players” will receive these “favour’s or curse’s” depending upon other certain aspects of their fate (Luck).

Number of battles will be decided by the number of players. (Eight seems a good number that will give us 4 (2x4) battles).

Each player, will have to give a Viking name… ie

Nelson the Nasty.

Play fare, respect the rules and make comments on the progression of their moves… photos if possible.

Any volunteers?

(Example of a curse…

The night before battle, you stumble over Ivar the Boneless. Curses follow… He draws his sword slowly… now that was a mistake… and by morning he and his men are gone.

Lose 25 points, from your army build.)

You are welcome to add your own curses and blessing below:

PS... The winner becomes King of Norway, Sweden and Ireland.
Minimum amount of players six.
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Raid on Seville 844AD

In the year 844AD, the Vikings set-sail from Noirmoutier on the Loire river estuary in France. Our hero's sailed with the Viking fleet, composed of allies of Hastein and Bjorn Ironside, at first plundering, Asturias, but later after suffering heavy losses by its ruler, the Christian King, Ramiro, they sailed southward to plunder the Atlantic coast.

After a few skirmishes with the Muslims, they took the city of Lisbon, before moving on to raid further south, the towns of Cadiz, Medina Sidonia and Algeciras. the fleet sailed on and was heard to have raided as far as Asilah in Morocco.

The Vikings then laid siege on Seville. After its fall, and hearing of the plundering, Abd ar-Rahman II mobilized his forces under the leadership of his hajib Isa ibn Shuhayd. He summoned nearby governors to gather their men. They assembled in Córdoba, and over the next few days were able to defeat the Vikings.

Many commanders of the Vikings were killed and at least 400 were captured – many of whom were hanged from the palm-trees of Talyata. The remaining Vikings retreated to their vessels and sailed down river while the inhabitants of the surrounding countryside pelted them with stones. Soon, the Vikings offered to trade the plunder and prisoners they had taken in exchange for clothes, food, and unhindered downriver journey. After that, they re-joined the rest of the fleet on the coast.

The question is whether Óláfr Tryggvasun, Badger Bjarkison, Eagle eyed ellianson and Nelson the meddlesome made it back to their ships and the coast!

Vikings 790-899AD verse Andalusian 756-1049AD, Mediterranean Hilly... sides out tomorrow