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Gunsalot´s CM Videos

With my youngest starting kindergarden I have finally had time to do some editing. Granted, it is not a CM video, but I´m still very proud of having completed this.

Very nice work Gunsalot!

I have to ask: why have you hard-coded the subtitles?

I can understand you fine (and I'm an Aussie), and I think your hardcoded CC's are distracting from your great movie making efforts. Those who can't understand you (?) can always turn on Youtubes CC's. Personally I think you are doing yourself a disservice - youtube autocaptions does a pretty good job nowadays (I ran it in parallel here and there, and saw zero errors) for those who need it.

Oh, and when your final (?) tank was knocked out, I was awaiting a long NOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wail... ;D
Good point about the CC.

But in truth, the "subtitles" are actually my script. I put them in during the DAR part of the process. Then read them out loud when making the final cut. And now that I think about it it would be real easy to take them out after I´ve done the voice over. I think I might do that for the next one.

And you are on point with the sentiment when the last tank got taken out. But trying to do a voice recording in a house with two children and a work-from-home mom I had to pick my time carefully and then also record the stuff carefully as to not wake the youngest who was napping. I set my mic audio capture to the lowest I could to make myself heard so that I could limit the sounds of family at home from it. That part of the process is subject to change in the future.
Really like the accent, I agree with Gnarly, drop the CC and just run through the script. I'd up the volume on your voice if you can. It's a common problem I have, trying to find the right balance between voice volume and scene volume. Keep the videos coming, even if a juggle with family (y) :)
Great AAR / movie! I also enjoyed the commentary :)

I was feeling for your T-72M (early?) tanks, when I saw Happless brought the Turms-T variants. Basically a Turms-T variant is like an Abrams when it's fighting against the other Syrian tanks (except the T-90SA).

Also imagined the cursing when your hinds where attacking your forces instead of KT-3. (y)
Turns out it was not my Hinds. Mine got shot down. Hapless also brought air support, but I did not know that at the time.