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Gunsalot´s CM Videos

@Shady Side, I´ve got no line! I´ve been holding myself to a slower and more relaxed pace to prevent burnout. I invited Punky to do a follow up battle on sunday but he has not yet answered. If you´d like to do a syrian versus uncon match within a thematic frame, I´m open.
Thanks man! Third episode is going very slowly, real life taking to much space these past few weeks.
Your CM vids are very entertaining. I just subscribed and please know that you have been an inspiration to me. :)
The View From The Shady Side
Sorry for the awful art work but I can't get my laptop to take screenshots of the game anymore and i wanted to give a rough ideal of how the map was laid out. The stars are the major objectives. The I.E.D. trap apartments are on the top. The devil's duplex's and ambush alleys on bottom. Before yall ask NO I DO NOT SALE ANY OF MY ART!!!!!

First of all thanks for the game @Gunsalot, if I get any of the facts wrong jump in and straighten it out.

I think a large part of the reason I pulled out a victory in this battle was decided on the force selection screen. Guns ask that I take a force that would fit in his narrative and suggested has a guideline ask that my force be largely based on militia. So in going along with the narrative I came up with the ideal that as the rebellion was forming the regime had turned to its most loyal troops the special forces to take command of loyal forces in the areas the rebels had been fighting. So I figured there was a known rebel force in the area so a platoon of Special Forces had been dispatched to deal with them. The Special Forces (crack or elite with BTRs)had been able to piece together about a little less than company's worth of Reserve infantry with a BRDM scout platoon, a platoon of very old model T72's a platoon of Schielk AAA vehicles, a few assorted techs and what turned out to be the key to the victory a platoon of supply trucks (all on regular). They in turn gathered most of 2 battalions of local militia 1 conscript 1 mostly green.

The old saying of no plan survives first contact with the enemy could not have been more true than it was in this battle. the plan was for the green militia to lead with the conscripts close behind. Thinking the maybe the green ones would hold up to the first burst of fire and allow the conscripts coming behind to start hosing down contacts. The Reserves behind them. The AAA vehicles were designed to be my lead around by the tanks. The tanks I did not expect much out of but I wanted them to be lead blockers for the real killers and punch thru force the AAA tracks. With the Special Forces being there to press any advantage or stiffen any struggling part of the line. I intended on the main weight to be on the left towards ambush alleys and the devils duplex. Maybe about 60 to 70 percent of my force on the left with a holding force on the right big enough to punch thru themselves if they found a soft spot over there.

Thing is I had a small set up zone and a very large force and though not that many vehicles there is still some traffic management delays in getting all that infantry out in the order which I wanted to and then contact game by weapons systems I had not given any thought to. Mortars began to fall and then one of the tiny things that had a huge impact on the game. I thought a mortar round landed at the edge of my set up zone (no foul there I had fired from a very close location). In the first video I saw that this was actually an overshot RPG. It landed in the middle of a militia battalion's HQ unit killing the XO. So I am looking at a potential mortar barrage and a whole bunch of guys moving to there first waypoint and a bunch still in my set up zone having not moved at all with nothing but antique helmets for cover. Well the best defense to incoming arty is to not be where it is falling no matter how much I wanted to go left the quickest way to get everybody moving was to go right with the majority of them as the left had a bunch of little walled in compounds that was going to take a while for my squad or 2 of engineers I had brought allong. So right it is, looking to quickly get across the main road into the shanty town and from there a quick attack into I.E.D. apartment square. The left reached there re-assembly points without much going on the right ran into more trouble. Before reaching the main road they began taking sniper fire from the upper floors of the apartment. Having not played very many Red games but having lots of Combat Mission under my belt I thought I knew how to handle this. Suppression and move right. Well turns out playing the Syrians sometimes requires a different approach at times. Turns out they dont start with the ammo load out all the western armies do. So splurging rifle fire at 300 hundred yards to suppress a very small team that from one turn to another is never in the same place. So wasting ammo here plus letting one or two sniper teams hold up a mass of troops about to have arty falling on them was a mistake. One that could have cost more if the enemy's mortar teams were one or two minutes earlier getting their fire adjusted properly. When I finally get my set up zone cleared and mortars stop falling I am probably 70 percent on the right instead of the left. Units are all jumbled up and worse I have that feeling of being caught off guard and thinking you need to immediately strike back.
I thoroughly enjoyed this match. I believe we may have set a record for small arms deaths in a medium sized match. It is truly glorious !!
My vet and elite troops fought until they were out of ammo and at the bitter end the commander was down to his makarov as the uncons poured over the wall.

We did not surrender as we shot every bullet we had into these crowds and it was not realistic to expect them to take us prisoner after we killed or maimed around 300 of them.

So, it was a good death. Congrats Gunsalot, you deserve this win! Your strategy and tactics were excellent.
Oh, and these videos are brilliant. The narration is very very well done. You are quite funny and the soundtrack is just perfect. You do a great job of demonstrating why we love playing this game. Your creativity in stringing these qb’s into a storyline is also very creative and appreciated. Please keep it going !! :)
Thanks man! But I think I´ll take a break from the uncons for the next battle. This has been great fun and I hope to do a syrian series next. I miss the old T-50something.