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Just some random sh*t.


FGM Company Sergeant Major
Oct 31, 2019
Western Australia
Finland seems progressive and successful. I'm impressed.

Can't say that I share your enthusiam, for a very simple reason: In these programs one thing is never addressed, the victims of the criminals. I wonder how they feel about prisoners getting free room and board and an education so once they get out they can get on with their lives - and all on the taxpayers dollar. I could get on board with it if, for example, once the prisoner is out and reintegrated into society, a certain percentage of his earnings now goes to the victims family for the rest of his life.
This would be in the case where the prisoner is able to complete his sentence within his lifetime, if not, why are taxpayer dollars being wasted where there is no chance of rehabilitation? Such as the case of that piece of shit in Norway who killed 77 people and injured over 300, and then the cunt has the temerity to complain about the conditions of his incarceration, wasting more taxpayer dollars. If it was up to me, he wouldn't have anything to complain about, as he'd be six feet under.

I'm not saying giving prisoners education and preparation for return to the outside world is a bad idea, but I feel there is disproportionate sympathy shown for the criminals while the victims seem to be forgotten about and left to pick up the pieces on their own. A prisoner who commits a crime such as murder can never truly do anything to replace the person lost, but monetary compensation through their own work may go some way to help alleviate the problems of the victims. (Consider in a case of a family where the father and main breadwinner is killed, his wife has to try to carry on by herself to raise the family, financial support from the perpetrator would go some small way to alleviate her struggle).