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That should do it.
The great thing about the Black Prince is that once he shows up you are up dysentery creek...
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Vive le France!!!!! Another great victory is won! Led by the ever brave Louis d'Artois, the knights and men of France have driven off the horrible Burgundian scum that the Mad Duke dared send to our sacred soils. Tales will be told and songs will be sung of the brave French knights that fought and won the Battle Of The Bloody Copse. Toasts will be made and prayers said for those who gave their all for King and Country.

Bloody Copse Aftermath.pngBloody Copse- Louis d'Artois.pngEnuerrand de Monfaucon, who bravely held the French Left, watches as the Burgundian C & C, Rudolf von Henneberg, flees with his surviving knights.Bloody Copse Stats.png
@Mad Mike .....that was a battle!!! Loads of fun and well fought by both sides all across the battlefield. Really hate I could not find the time to post a few DARs on this one. It was such a close run thing it would have been fun keep up with it as it played out. Look forward to the next one!!!