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The Forces of the King of France are victorious against Burgundian arms on the border of ARTOIS and FLANDERS.

@Jolly Olly and @Badger73 -- you now have the option of either banking the Initiative Point gained from the victory for use in the next turn, or automatically carry on the battle into FLANDERS in the next turn.
Let me know.

We now eagerly await the arrival of heralds with news from the fields of Gascony.

FOG II medieval TURN 2d.jpg

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Okay -- we are running into delay and slow play issues here -- the kind of sh*t that makes me want to chuck in the whole campaign/tourney malarkey! :mad:

Just heard this morning that the GASCONY battle has progressed a grand total of FOUR turns since the round of battles kicked off TWO weeks ago!

At this rate it'll take about another TWO MONTHS to finish the battle! Time zone differences are an issue I know -- but seriously @Nathangun , what gives?

Sorry guys RL issues reared their ugly heads once again. I'll step back from the campaign.