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Rinaldi's Screenshots & AARs

@Rinaldi did you play with the HardCat & Command Friction rules?
I'm familiar with them, having read Bil's blog, but no I don't. At least, not deliberately. I don't want to go off on too much of a tangent, however; with the exception of extremely obvious stuff, or massed co-ordination of fires, I generally do not engage blindly or move units into the unknown: because it doesn't work. I don't feel the need to roleplay further. Sending a tank or squad to a flank I know is under threat but that unit isn't yet aware is more likely to just result in that unit dying, or at the very least not getting first spot. It's always better to wait until at least their immediate commander knows what the hell is going on.
@Rinaldi just finished reading your Feierabend AAR. What a fascinating and engaging read man! Your use of characters brought life to this action and was very evocative on the actual actions this was based on (see Panzer Gunner by Bruno Friesen). I was really rooting for the lieutenant and Starke! I also found the description of 'battle positions' useful and informative. Also helped give real context to what the pixel truppen were hoping to achieve. It was also very satisfying from my designer POV to see someone tackle this exactly as I envisaged, although I failed a lot to achieve when playtesting!

Kudos mate :)
Recently finished playing through Operation Encore, made a brief synopsis and overview of the main TO&E you use during the campaign and how each mission generally went. You can read about it here: https://rinaldiaars.blogspot.com/2022/02/combat-mission-fortress-italys.html

Some additional eye candy from an album of unused screenshots:










Revisiting the Recipe for Disaster AAR I made a few pages and years ago in this very thread, but from the Syrian's perspective. Really enjoyed it, although the mission was obviously less challenging than it was from the UK perspective. Still though, let me pound the podium a bit on how I think the Syrians can be played.

Some of my favourite captures from the battle:




Playing around with the Normandy battlepack. An infantry bash with all the kit and caboodle. Read the AAR here: https://rinaldiaars.blogspot.com/2022/09/armatos-fundit-cm-battle-of-normandy-aar.html

And some of my favourite shots below.




Still also working my way through the American campaign in Cold War, and will be sure to link my ongoing AAR of that when I can next update it (this week, I sincerely hope). I'm very ambivalent on most of the standalone Cold War scenarios, but the campaigns so far have all been some of the best in the series.
Wanted to play as the Soviets, and realised I had never played "Getting Ugly." Really enjoyed it. Decided to make an AAR of my final effort but do regret not taking more pictures of the fight for the village of Chernervka. Soviet infantry get rubbished a lot but I really do think they can produce results. Read about it here: https://rinaldiaars.blogspot.com/2022/10/springboard-red-thunder-vignette-aar.html

And as always, some of my favourite screenies from the blog:


My PC has been giving me a series of conniptions and has derailed my efforts to unwind with some CM in the last few weeks, so I've been quite quiet. Nevertheless, time for something completely different!

Back to regularly scheduled programming, playing an actual Sim now.

Steel Beasts Pro PE 02_04_2023 21_48_52.png

I really, really like Steel Beasts. In a lot of ways it's supplanting (gasp) the more contemporary CM titles for me. I was recording this mission because I was hoping to make some clips of the fighting, and decided to just do a wholesale AAR, helped immensely by SB's native AAR system as well.

Some highlights:

  • The CR.2s are aging, yes, but they still continue to impress - a series of hits and kills scored at 3 kilometers in the last phase of the battle by a composite troop I leave behind to cover the main effort. Cracking stuff.
  • The ASCOD Ulan is what the Warrior CSP could have been, and I'm bitterly disappointed the Warrior has not been upgraded significantly since its inception.

  • I fight most of the battle from my own command tank, and I thought the experience better for it. Much more situational awareness than had I insisted on gunning or micromanaging. Only take over the infantry near the end out of violent necessity.
  • Hull down works, and works well ;) - demonstrated by both sides. A Donovian T72M survives for a refreshingly long time in a hull-down position until I slam the override.
Another brief AAR from Steelbeasts, this time a mission called 'Opening the Gate.' This is edited to be a British playthrough with equipment slightly more modernized on both sides. I'm playing a fairly standard 'square' combat team (less the usual cavalry patrol and javelin section) tasked with clearing an enemy blocking position that is shutting down the Regiment's templated attack. I have 90 minutes to complete the objective before they go in.


Planning and execution:

Terrain is flat, as we are advancing over a plateau with a gentle downslope towards my right-flank boundary. Line of sight is broken up more by trees and small forests than any extreme elevation. Hill 96, a sandy low hill, is the exception to that rule. It dominates my initial axis of advance. A smaller, unnammed hill of to my left flank allows for some observation and fires onto Hill 96. Mortars will have to shoot me onto or near this intermediate objective.
Hill 103, behind the enemy's suspected position, is also basically a giant sand dune. Steep and ineffective for any type of tracked vehicles. I've marked a reference point there just in case, but it never played a factor in the fighting.


Some line of sights:




The video:



Quite proud of my performance in this one. It's a tougher scenario than it looks, and you really need to use all your assets. Infantry did a lot of heavy lifting near the end when we began actions on objective, and accounted for 7 enemy AFVs. A loss of a CR.2 was regrettable but I think, given the nature of things, not necessarily avoidable.

The biggest enemy threat was their artillery. Plentiful and heavy, and punished any thought of lingering or resupplying within line of sight. The key portion of the battle was poking out the enemy's eyes, killing their security screen and identifying their artillery observation posts. Once that happened, I was able to do resupply and repair for 20 minutes in peace before beginning actions on objective.

Some key moments:


Breaching the hedge and crossing the start line.


Leading the support by fire up through a gap in the concertina wire prior to beginning our shoot from Hill 96.


Firing from Hill 96. The nearest CR.2 was the one knocked out in the exchange with the dug in enemy.


Swinging left behind the smoke to put the enemy in an L-shape of fire.


And lastly...the hidden hero of the game.