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The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Republican Assault Guards, Barcelona.
Colorized pic of Fanny Schoonheyt (1912/1961), the Dutch militiawoman who fought on the side of the Republicans during the Civil War. Because of her combat actions and her skill with weapons she was known, in press articles, as the "machine gun queen."
Knew nothing about her soo...looked her up.
Here's her BFF Marina Ginesta.
"Marina Ginestà became famous due to the photo taken by Juan Guzmán on the rooftop of Hotel Colón, Barcelona during the July 1936
military uprising in Barcelona.
As she was a reporter, it was the only time Ginestà was carrying a gun. The rifle she is carrying is M1916 Spanish Mauser, manufactured
at the famous Oviedo factory in Spain for the Spanish Army.
Marina was a member of Juventudes Socialistas Unificadas (Socialist Youth), the youth organization mainly directed by Partido Comunista
de España (PCE, Communist Party of Spain). As the war broke out, she served as a reporter and a translator assisting Mikhail Koltsov, a
correspondent of the Soviet newspaper Pravda. Despite her initial involvement she quickly grew disillusioned with the path that the Stalinists
were taking. Marina remained a militant throughout the rest of the war and was drawn to other groups at that time such as the anti-Stalinist
P.O.U.M (which the famous writer George Orwell was a member of) and the Anarchist C.N.T. Before the end of the war, Ginestà was wounded
and evacuated to Montpellier." -Rarehistoricalphotos.com
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Her name means Imo something like beauty queen but I could be wrong Schoonheyt.
Good research. (y)

The link you posted shows she took a long roundabout journey to get back to Holland.

"In 1957 Fanny finally returned to Holland. She was in bad shape, her health was deteriorating quickly. On the eve of Christmas 1961 she died from a heart attack."
On Sept 5, 1936, Robert Capa managed to take a photograph with “Death of a Militiaman” that would go around the world, making the protagonist of that immortal image.

For there was a strong controversy about where decades such a photograph was taken, but in 2009 and thanks to the appearance of some negatives in Mexico, it was officially confirmed that the photograph was taken in a place near the city of Espejo, a Spanish municipality of the province of Cordoba, in Andalucia.

Since the end of 2021, the sculpture of "El Miliciano" has been located at a tourist viewpoint in the area, the work of the sculptor Jose M. Serrano Carriel.