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Warplan - - Anybody brought this?

Yeah, I read somewhere that oftentimes the patches are incompatible with ongoing PvP games. But if I get it I'll let you know Titan.
Sorry, with this virus the economics of my household have changed so much that we are on hold with hobby spending.
I just bought this. Hope to have some time soon to dive into the manual and learn the game.
Its fun and unlike something like GG's War in the West or East , its not a way of life sort of game. I'm interested in the Pacific theater that's now being worked on. It will be interesting to see how carriers and naval air power is handled.

It definitely does remind me of AHs Third Reich.
Thinking of picking this up... sale on europe and pacific....

Been trying to get into GG War in the Pacific, but, it drives me to bourbon... not a bad thing... lol

I like the game. Very well done with an active developer who listens to customer feedback. I only have WarPlan Europe but I'll eventually buy WP Pacific also. IMO it strikes a reasonable balance between a game where you must micro manage all the details and a simple beer & pretzels type game.