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Wasteland 3

Based on my play Colorado needs all the help it can get.
I keep running into situations where my skills are one level short of allowing me to so stuff (fix a generator for example).
I keep upgrading my lock pick skill. I think the game notices and scales the next lock to be one level higher!
There is a LOT of wandering around so far. For some reason I have some slight difficulty remembering where places are and have to stop to check the map frequently.
That slows me down a bit. Likely on of those "me" issues.
Hint: Add max soldiers to you team asap. Have them specialize in 2-3 skills, not a jack of all trades. Remember which ones do what.
I would have to agree with you. They really have struck a nice balance between playability and management, especially with inventory. Also, when you click on a door, piece of machinery, etc, the team member with the required skill jumps up to handle it without the player having to micro manage. Coming of Red Dead Redemption 2 (which I also enjoyed), it is a nice change of pace.

I created 4 Rangers, and currently have two companions. Leader/healer, Sniper/sneaker, Melee/Explosives, and Heavy Weapons / modding.
You're team is much better organized than mine. I think I still have time to do better though.
I'm not seeing the best skilled member moving in to handle the required action though except
for weapon/armor modding..
Hmm. Is that in options somewhere?

Ahhh. The key is you need to have the whole group toggled like when you move around. Then if you click on something, the appropriately skilled party member will step up. If you have an individual toggled, it will just use the skills of the individual.
Could use a little direction as to where I can find someone to staff the base garage.
Oops, never mind. Found 'em.
It seems the base requires a never ending stream of employees!

You will get a task from Gideon Reyes over the radio when you are transitioning back to Colorado Springs Downtown. The reward will eventually be Garage guys ( I think). Ah, you found it.


FGM Captain
May 11, 2013
Heart of America
Well, if you must. It seems I now have the ability to install upgrades to my armored truck that...I can't afford to buy.
I don't see an option to repair current damage. Actually, I don't even see a way to check what the overall condition
of the truck currently is. Not quite what I was hoping for.

Add, but not repair? Sounds like a salesman, not a mechanic....
Hmm. Just spent all my $ on the best available chassis upgrade for my truck. I am officially broke so hope I don't run out of minor things like ammo or med stuff!
At least it allows me to access low level toxic/radiated areas w/o getting everybody killed, so there's that.

Yeah, I made a run to the Monster Army Bunker without any radiation protection. It wasn't pretty. Burned through my stocks of med supplies just to recover BEFORE entering the bunker.